60 Days of PTI

The government that promised to eradicate corruption and terrorism in 90 days has endured the following in its first 60 days of power:

  1. 2 PTI MPAs dead
  1. 1 PTI MNA out on fake degree
  1. 1 major candidate out on fake degree
  1. 1 minister under sexual assault charges,
  1. 1 provincial president convicted by NAB.
  2. Imran Khan – all talk no action.

There are lots of reasons to support for a party, but the most important reason should be how one feels about the wave-length similarity with the party leader.

We would all love to go to London, always remain in the spot light, even if you’re in bed with you’re back broken. Inventing slogans like “Tsunami anay wala hai”, “Tabdeli agaye hai”, “Mian sahab jan dio, sadi bari aan diyo”. We have fake degree holders in our party as well yet accuse other politicians for being incompetent and ineligible. There is truly no better criteria for choosing a leader than how similar his or her values are to your own. So, yeah Imran Khan (all talk).

P.S anybody else misses the old Pakistan?


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