Installing ns-2.35 on Ubuntu 13.04

NAM ns-2.35Before we again, the time required for the installation depends on your system and internet connection. Internet is required to complete the following procedure.

Here are the steps for installing ns-2.35 on Ubuntu 13.04 and before versions.

Open Terminal and …

[Step 1] Install some Essential Libraries and Softwares:

sudo apt-get install tcl8.5-dev tk8.5-dev

sudo apt-get install gcc-4.4 g++-4.4

sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake

sudo apt-get install perl xgraph libxt-dev libx11-dev libxmu-dev

[Step 2] Download ns-2.35

Download ns-2.35 from

Unpack ns2 to your Desktop directory tar -zxvf ns-allinone-2.35.tar.gz -C /home/khawajaali/Desktop

(or simply unzip the package on your desktop)

[Step 3] Modify the OTcl makefile

Open /home/khawajaali/Desktop/ns-allinone-2.35/otcl-1.14/

Change CC = @CC@ to CC=gcc-4.4

Save the file

[Step 4] Install ns2

cd /home/khawajaali/Desktop/ns-allinone-2.35


(this will take a while)

[Step 5] Modify ~/.bashrc

Once the installation is successful (without any errors), we need to add the path information to the file ~/.bashrc

gedit ~/.bashrc

Now Add these lines in the end of the file

# Note: the above two lines starting from XGRAPH should come in the same line

Save the modification and close the file

source ~/.bashrc

And that is all 😀 *cheers*

Now type ns to see % and type nam to show the nam startup window, This shows the installation has been successful.

Important : you should replace /home/khawajaali/Desktop with the path to your Desktop folder.

Still unable to complete the installation ? Post your issues in the comment section below

100 Advices from Holy Qura’n

1. The Holy QuranDo not mix the truth with falsehood (2:42)
2. Order righteousness to people only after practicing it yourself(2:44)
3. Do not commit abuse on the earth (2:60)
4. Do not prevent people from mosques (2:114)
5. Do not follow anyone blindly (2:170)
6. Do not break the promise (2:177)
7. Do not engage in bribery (2:188)
8. Fight only with those who fight you (2:190)
9. Keep the etiquettes of war (2:191)
10. Protect orphans (2:220)
11. Do not have sexual intercourse during menstrual period (2:222)
12. Breast feed your children for two complete years (2:233)
13. Choose rulers by their merit (2:247)
14. No compulsion in religion (2:256)
15. Do not invalidate charity with reminders (2:264)
16. Help those in need by finding them (2:273)
17. Don’t consume interest (2:275)
18. Grant more time to repay if the debtor is in hard time (2:280)
19. Write down the debt (2:282)
20. Keep the trust (2:283)
21. Do not spy and backbite (2:283)
22. Believe in all prophets (2:285)
23. Do not burden a person beyond his scope(2:286)
24. Do not become divided (3:103)
25. Restrain Anger (3:134)
26. Do not be rude in speech (3:159)
27. Think deeply about the wonders and creation of this universe (3:191)
28. Men and Women have equal rewards for their deeds (3:195)
29. Wealth of the dead should be distributed among his family members (4:7)
30. Women also have the right for inheritance (4:7)
31. Do not devour the property of orphans (4:10)
32. Do not marry those in your blood relation (4:23)
33. Do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly(4:29)
34. Family should be led by men (4:34)
35. Be good to others (4:36)
36. Do not be miserly (4:37)
37. Do not keep envy (4:54)
38. Judge with justice between people (4:58)
39. Do not kill each other (4:92)
40. Do not be an advocate for deceitful (4:105)
41. Standout firmly for justice (4:135)
42. Cooperate in righteousness (5:2)
43. Do not cooperate in sin and aggression (5:2)
44. Dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine are prohibited (5:3)
45. Be just (5:8)
46. Punish for crimes in an exemplary way (5:38)
47. Strive against sinful and unlawful (5:63)
48. Avoid intoxicants and alcohol (5:90)
49. Do not gamble (5:90)
50. Do not insult others’ deities (6:108)
51. ’Having majority’ is not a criterion of truth (6:116)
52. Don’t reduce weight or measure to cheat people (6:152)
53. Do not be arrogant (7:13)
54. Eat and Drink, But Be Not Excessive (7:31)
55. Wear good cloths during prayer times (7:31)
56. Forgive others for their mistakes (7:199)
57. Do not turn back in battle (8:15)
58. Protect and help those who seek protection (9:6)
59. Keep Purity (9:108)
60. Never give up hope of Allah’s Mercy (12:87)
61. Allah will forgive to those who have done wrong out of ignorance (16:119)
62. Invitation to God should be with wisdom and good instruction (16:125)
63. No one will bear others’ sins (17:15)
64. Be dutiful to parents (17:23)
65. Do not say a word of disrespect to parents (17:23)
66. Do not spent money extravagantly (17:29)
67. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty (17:31)
68. Do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse (17:32)
69. Do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge (17:36)
70. Speak to people mildly (20:44)
71. Keep aloof from what is vain (23:3)
72. Do not enter others’ house without seeking permission (24:27)
73. Allah will provide security for those who believe only in Allah (24:55)
74. Do not enter parents’ private room without asking permission (24:58)
75. Walk on earth in humility (25:63)
76. Do not neglect your portion of this world (28:77)
77. Invoke not any other god along with ALLAH (28:88)
78. Do not engage in homosexuality (29:29)
79. Enjoin right, forbid wrong (31:17)
80. Do not walk in insolence through the earth (31:18)
81. Lower your voice (31:19)
82. Women should not display their finery (33:33)
83. Allah forgives all sins (39:53)
84. Do not be despair of the mercy of Allah (39:53)
85. Repel evil by good (41:34)
86. Decide on affairs by consultation (42:38)
87. Try for settlement between people (49:9)
88. Do not ridicule others (49:11)
89. Avoid suspicion (49:12)
90. Do not spy or backbite (49:12)
91. Most noble of you is the most righteous (49:13)
92. Honor guests (51:26)
93. Spent wealth in charity (57:7)
94. No Monasticism in religion (57:27)
95. Those who have knowledge will be given a higher degree by Allah (58:11)
96. Treat non-Muslims in a kind and fair manner (60:8)
97. Save yourself from covetousness (64:16)
98. Seek forgiveness of Allah.  He is Forgiving and Merciful (73:20)
99. Do not repel one who asks (93:10)
100. Encourage feeding poor (107:3)

One day, he’s going to know

One day, he’s going to know. He’ll know your birthday, your middle name, where you were born, your star sign, and your parents’ names. He’ll know how old you were when you learnt to ride a bike, how your grandparents passed away, how many pets you had, and how much you hate going to university. He’ll know your eye color, your scars, your freckles, your laugh lines and your birth marks. He’ll know your favorite book, movie, candy, food, and pair of shoes, color, and song. He’s going to know why you’re awake at 5am most nights, where you were when you realized you’d lost a good friend, why you picked up the razor and how you managed to put it down before things went too far. He’s going to know your phobias, your dreams, your fears, your wishes, and your worries.

He’s going to know about your first heartbreak, your dream wedding, and your problems with your parents. He’ll know your strengths, weaknesses, laziness, energy, and your mixed emotions. He’s going to know about your love for mayonnaise, your dream of being famous when you were five, your need to quote any film you know all the way through, and your fear of growing older. He’ll know your bad habits, your mannerisms, your stroppy pout, your facial expressions, and your laugh like it’s his favorite song. The way you chew, drink, walk, sleep, fidget and kiss. He’s going to know that you’ve already picked out wedding flowers, baby names, tiles for the bathroom, and the color of your bedroom walls. He’s going to know, get annoyed at and then accept that you leave clothes everywhere, take forty minutes to finish a burger, have to organize your DVD’s alphabetically, and check your horoscope… just in case. He’ll know your McDonald’s order, how many sugars to put in your tea, how many scoops of ice cream you want, and that you need your sandwiches cut into triangles.

He’s going to know how you feel without you telling him, that you need a wee from a look on your face, and that you’re crying without shedding tears. He’s going to know all of it. Everything. You, from top to bottom and inside out. From learning, from sharing, from listening, from watching. He’s going to know every single thing there is to know, and you know what else? He is still going to love you.