Desperate Truth

Everyone is desperate for something, including you. Your desperation comes in the form of hate, of knocking others off their feet and into a pile of shame of being felt worthless.

This blog is apart of who I am, it’s the one place I don’t have to feel shame for something that defines me.

I’m not society thin, and I probably never will be. My desperation comes in the form of acceptance of who I am, what I stand for, and what I believe. I sometimes have a hard time looking into the mirror because I know that I am not society desirable. My desperation is to be desired for more than what is expected of me, but with people like you out in the world, you snuff out the light in people who feel less than they should be because they don’t fill the ideals we’ve been poisoned with.

But I am more than what you think. And I am not a deception or a fake. I’m not cookie cutter desirable and I’m better for it.

Shame on you for trying to knock me down.


5 thoughts on “Desperate Truth

  1. Good Job!
    Worthy words if they don’t really mean arrogance. And I hope they are all about self actualization not self praise. Well if the doubt of that negative element is skimmed, it’s really great post to read. 🙂

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