Why do I like Summer Finn in (500) Days of Summer?

This post is about a girl named Summer Finn from one of my favorite movies all the time, (500) Days of Summer. The narrator of this movie tells us from very beginning that Summer Finn did not share the same belief on true love like many other girls. Summer Finn is the opposite of Tom Hansen who believes that someday he’s meant to Summer. Summer who doesn’t want to be anybody’s girlfriend and Tom who always looks for the right one are involved in odd-yet-romantic relationship without being tied as a couple. Tragic, isn’t it?

Not like other movies which end up with a girl realizes that she’s falling in love to her fling, (500) Days of Summer never gives us a fairy tale ending. Of course, in the end, Summer dumped Tom away. It is the reason why some of my guy friends hate Summer for what she did to Tom. They say Summer is cold-hearted bitch who doing whatever she likes. For sure, I still don’t get why they hate Summer because she chose what the best for her. I like her.

There are 10 things that make Summer adorable

1. She really knows what she wants. When she wants something, she will get it. And when she gets bored of something, she will let it go. Does everything go so easy for Summer? She’s different from many other women. She never feels the difficulty of removing a phase of her life.

2. She really knows how to speak about everything in her mind, even it’s a shit. She believes that relationship is messy. She can pursue people to agree with her disagree on relationship.

3. She knows how to start and end up everything. She started  and ended everything with very simple way. She never cares of what people think after that, she only does whatever she needs to do.

4. She is a good teaser. She can attack you directly with a kiss. She can catch the attention, even just in her silent.

5. She has a good taste of clothes. As a Michigan girl, it’s her mother nature to dress cute and proper.

6. She is fun. She undoubtedly knows how to have fun. Admit it! She can dance, sing, and play with somebody’s heart.

7. She thinks with a rare point of view. She loves Ringo Starr. She dated a girl in high school. She’s weird, but she makes everyone cool with that.

8. She has pretty eyes and sexy lips. Enough said. 😉

9. She can act mean and rude, but there’s a boy who is still crazy about her. She walks on her own feet and does not depend on others. She can keep herself to be so mysterious, so boys wouldn’t mind to fight for her.

10. She reminds us that people always change. She makes up her mind as often as boys buy a video game. She used to be a girl who doesn’t want to attach with, but there’s a day when she decided to be someone’s wife. She used to be a girl who doesn’t get a concept of love, but there’s a day when she granted her love on the altar. No one can ever guess. Isn’t that cool?

Summer got a style. Are you still hating her for being herself? No?


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