How to bounce back from a failed intern-ship?

I am currently doing bachelors from  a top university ( FAST ). After nailing many rounds of interviews, I had secured an amazing internship this summer 2014. I cannot reveal the details of my internship but it’s just that after struggling for a lot of time, I was unable to get good results.

Hard as it is to admit my mistakes, I went through a slight emotional roller coaster as I reflect.

I had to tell myself ‘know that you’re not alone’. Many people have failed internships, including people who I may look up to or are later extremely successful. Most people don’t walk around talking about their failures though, so I likely won’t hear these stories.

Since I’d like to rejoin the company later on, I asked myself a couple of question to clear my head, I hope they help you too in some point in time:

  • Did I fit into the company culture? If not, why? Is this something I can resolve without changing who I am?
  • Why do I want to work here? Is it the company vision, people, or something else?
  • What would I do differently next time?
  • Were my technical skills up to par with what was expected in the company? If not, why? How can I improve those skills?
  • How can I balance working and socializing at work (or getting to know my coworkers)?

Word of Advice:

When you apply to the company again, the recruiter will likely bring up your internship and try to gauge how you’ve grown and matured since the experience. Be ready to show how you’ve grown in technical and interpersonal skills.

Remember to add this internship to your resume like any other work experience. Don’t skimp on your project(s) or technologies touched when talking to future recruiters; your experience here is as important as any other internship.

Finally, End your internship on a professional note. Thank the people who helped you, were part of your team, and an integral part of your internship experience. Be humble and grateful for the experience. Don’t burn any bridges; you never know where you or your coworkers may end up in the future.

Go forth and hold your head up high!

Your Thoughts

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