If one day

If one day we were to never cross paths again, I want only one memory of you etched in my brain like familiarity of my name: your heart. I hope the next guy that falls for you understands you – the way your mind works, how you see the world, and who you truly are. I hope he wakes up in the morning and smiles because he remembered the melodic voice he would be hearing soon. I hope he points out little things on your body, like the way your eyelashes curl up by nature and how the space between your shoulder and your head was perfect enough for his head. I hope he thinks you to be puzzle pieces, rather than the missing piece to finish his puzzle, but you were the only reason the pieces started to assemble in the first place. He should look at you like you took him back into his childhood, when all he wanted to do was bask in the fervency of the sun and smile at inane things like the feel of the grass between his nimble fingers. Lastly, I hope that if for some reason, you two were to only be friends, he would accept your happiness and love you from a distance, because that’s what I had to do.

If one day


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