Who she truly is?

I would say she confuses me, but that would be too weak. She intrigues me. I feel I could know her for a hundred years and still only catch small glimpses of who she really is. Just have a few pieces of the puzzle lined up.

I would say that my fascination and love of puzzles was all that drew me to her, but that would be a lie. There is too much fondness for that. There is physical attraction as well, but that is irrelevant, I could feel that attraction to any beautiful women without dwelling on it. My fondness for her is different. I would call it love, but how can I really love something I don’t understand? Something that continues to confuse me? But the fondness is still there, strong, and unexplainable.

Despite the fact that I cannot grasp who she truly is, I trust her. One of the small puzzle pieces I have gathered shows me that she is a valuable friend, one who would not betray me,so I trust her. I hope she trusts me as much in return, but that is another of her mysteries. She thinks of me as a friend, but that is all I know of her feelings towards me, or anyone.


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