You might be reading this or not, but
 I’m still in love with you.
 I tried hiding it when we were walking. 
I didn’t want to scare you. I guess
 I said I could be friends but looking at your face is like drilling holes in my heart and reading your words makes all of my limbs ache. I know we want different things; but 
most of all I want you and
 I can’t seem to understand why you don’t want me. 
I’m sorry about May and June. 
I’m sorry I can’t let you go. 
I’ll be sorry for Saturday when
 I’ll pretend I am capable of simple a friendship.I’m sorry I stayed silent too long and pushed too much, too late. 
I’m sorry for a lot of things and 
I think that being sorry can fix this.I’m sorry but you make me vulnerable, I cannot defend myself against you. And that scares me more than anything else.

Maybe in another lifetime
, we’ll still be in love
 and calling each other to talk about the universe
. Maybe you won’t be afraid of how much I love you. 
Maybe you’ll love me, too.

Maybe my serotonin is depleted over unrequited love.
I am tired.
Good night.




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