11 Stages of Love

1. Attraction = الْهَوَى (hawa )

The beginning of love. This love can arise suddenly, but is transient, not yet firm in the heart.

2. Attachment = الْعَلاقَةُ (‘alaqah )

Love that becomes attached to the heart, and loses the transitory property ofhawa.

3. Infatuation = الْكَلَفُ (kalaf )

Love that begins to intensify and have a physical affect on the lover.

4. Desire = الْعِشْقُ (‘ishq )

Love that engulfs the heart of the lover entirely, and takes it as its residence, such that love and the heart in which it resides become intimately familiar with one-another.
This love blinds the lover to any faults in the beloved.

5. Passion = الشّعَفُ / اللَّوْعَةُ / اللعَاج (sha’aflaw’ahli’aj )

Love that starts to burn, but at this stage, the love is still pleasurable in the heart.

6. Affliction = الشّغَفُ (shaghaf )

Destructive, all-consuming love. The heart begins to be devoured by the love.

7. Grief = اَلْجَوَى (jawaa )

Love that started with the outer covering of the heart. It takes over the entire heart, and results in an inner grief and sorrow.

8. Enslavement = التّيْمُ (taym )

Love to the point where the heart is enslaved to the beloved.

9. Malady = التَّبْل (tabl )

Love, which was once living pleasurably in the heart, having made it its home, now turns against the heart, and so overwhelms, confounds and bewilders it, that it is as though it were its enemy.

10. Disorder = التَّدْلِيْه (tadleeh )

Love when the heart is thus being destroyed from within, and begins to lose all sense of balance and reason, it goes into a state of chaos and disorder.

11. Insanity = الْهُيُوْمُ (huyum )

Love that makes you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.Love that comes to its conclusion.
11 Stages Of Love


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