Let’s be lovers without love

Let’s watch a movie and argue over which movie we should watch. I’m sure we’ll end up watching both movies, and that will sum up our day together.

Let’s have our morning coffee together. We’ll have a little talk about that nightmare you had last night. I’ll take a sip of my coffee while listening to the story of your nightmare and I’ll tell you that it will be alright. It’s scary but thank god you’re here, you’ll say.

Let’s spend our lazy afternoon together. Maybe i’ll perform and item number or maybe you will play your favorite sport knowing that i am sitting right across the court, writing poems for you.

Let’s play games, be it a racing game or even a game of truth & dare and the loser shall treat the winner to a fancy dinner.

Let’s go on a midnight road trip with no definite destination when most souls are fast asleep. You’ll blast the car speakers with your favorite jams and I will sing out loud, along to the songs with you.

Let’s go camping and I’ll cook for us during the camp because if you were to cook, I’m afraid we’ll be eating nothing but charcoal. Then we’ll watch as the sun sets, and stay up the whole night just to watch the sunrise.

Let’s stay up and talk to each other until 5 in the morning and maybe you’ll tell me why were you mad at your friends for days or why were you afraid to love another soul. I’ll listen, I’ll try my best to stay awake and listen to what you have to say.

Let’s go to the mall. We will enter whichever shop you want and if you happen to like a certain thing from a certain shop, I will buy it for you.

Let’s have a hike on the hill without saying anything to each other. You’ll most probably drag me to the top just so you can tell me how easy it was, and you could do it over and over again.

Let’s act like we came from the same family, like we are hopeless romantics, like we are nothing but the best of friends, like we are one.

Let’s laugh until we cry. Let’s cry until we laugh. Let’s get mad together. Let’s be sad or happy together. Let’s fool around together. Let’s play and tease each other. Let’s do whatever we want, whatever we can.

Let’s do everything together without falling for each other.

Let’s be lovers without love because love is a greed that can’t be filled.

Lets be lovers without love


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