How would I describe her?

How would I describe her?
She’s an angel, I would say.

You’d probably be better off if you just packed up right now and went home. You don’t have a chance.

She’s smarter than you, wittier than you, certainly prettier than you.

She has a lovely exterior, but she’s known pain and hurt and it still lives in her to a great degree. The way she expresses herself reveals it at every turn. She’s very smart and expresses herself very well – highly articulate, practical and insensitive. She’s deep and dark, perhaps even frighteningly so, in ways. She needs love, she needs a lot of love. Give it to her – you’ll find that it will be well worth it, for she’s capable of great love and devotion.

She will spar with you…to test you. Be aware of this and be wary, for she’s very capable and mighty. She wields a swift sword. She is very well armed. She’s a formidable opponent. She’s quick, she’s strong. She’s quite powerful…alluringly seductive, and expertly skilled at using her powers.

I’ll say it again. I don’t think you have any idea of what you’re getting into.

How would I describe her?
She’s an angel, I would say

I thought maybe-dead flower


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