Do you think you’ll still love her?

Do you think you’ll still love her when her beauty fades?
What about when her skins has worn away with age?
Will you still look at her with awe when her ears are so stretched they resemble loops?
What about when her nose and piercings are left with a rigid bruise?’

These seem to be the questions that define the curiosity of others, when they look at my wild lover.

‘Yes’ I respond with no hesitation. I will be reminded of the time she was spontaneous, adventurous and carefree. I will be reminded of the wind that blew her curly untamed hair. She was wild and she made me free. Our grand-kids will play with her ears and get a kick out of how cool she was and trace her scars, while they ask questions just as you. She will tell the stories of our crazy adventures. The memories etched on her skin, which will teach lessons within art, passed on through her body. It’ll remind me that life doesn’t have limits, love set us free.

Yes, I will love her eternally. Her beauty is powerful; it radiates from within. She will always be my wild and carefree lover. The one who set my soul on fire. Flames of passion captivated me in her grace and boldness.

will you still love her