From a book I might write

“I could have talked to her all day. She’s like the person you could talk about your darkest secrets and most embarrassing moments to. For once no one liked at me as if I’m a freak. She’s wonderful.”

“If she is, tell her” he said.

“I can’t tell her, I’m scared she doesn’t feel the same way.
Girls like her aren’t suppose to like a person like me.
I don’t want to be rejected by the one I love.”

“You should tell her,” he said.

“I could have, but she’s like a piece of art in a museum. When you meet a girl like that you don’t grab her you sit back back and admire her.”

“Don’t doubt yourself.
Don’t be afraid about loving someone.
Some people die without knowing someone loved them.
Tell her before she doesn’t know someone loves her.”

From a book i might write

If only we could be lovers


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